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Hey, I'm new to the music community, and, well, I'm lost. I've taken an intro class for Music, but fundamentals are all I pretty much know. Where do I go from there? What things should I learn next? How do I improve further as a musician? from Anonymous

I’d go into something more advanced.  Try looking at voice-leading(if you haven’t already), and maybe some more advanced chords like augmented 6ths or the neopolitan.  Then try to find something that pertains to where you want to go as a musician.   Just explore some other things to “expand your theory horizons”.  


(1) I can't believe I just listened to an entire Britney Spears track; (2) Yes, an N chord (though not an N6, strictly speaking) very briefly appears as a substitution in one of the final choruses at around the 3:10 mark, beneath the "O" in "overprotected." from leadingtone

haha i thought the same thing

ok…thats what i was thinking…with n6 chords, i can never judge them cause they don’t always sound entirely major to me, but thats just me…



Someone told me that Britney Spears' Overprotected has a Neapolitan sixth in it... I've been listening to it, but I can't hear where it is. Could you help me? from Anonymous

I can’t figure it out, and no one’s responded so….followers?

Im thinking its either in the first line of the verse, or the second chord of the chorus…but i could be wrong


hello, i'm having a hard time writing music, (my instrument is the guitar), i've googled many chord progression stuff but nothing really helped me, i want to know how to write good sounding chord progressions, any help would be appreciated :) from reechurd

I’d experiment with different things…i dunno how much theory you’ve had, but definitely try some secondary function chords like secondary dominants, secondary leading tone seventh chords, augmented sixth chords, neapolitan…try some modulation and tonicization (emphasizing one chord)…try to go beyond a basic phrase model (I IV V  V7 I) or something a long those lines…expand on the tonic and the dominant and just basically find something you like…

If anyone has any suggestions, wants to add something, please feel free.


What is a good way to increase volume when you're already playing as loud as you can with a good sound? I'm essentially the baritone section at school and I just can't seem to be loud enough. from Anonymous

Strictly speaking as a singer, it is about the use of air that produces more sound. I ind that yoga breathes are great for getting in touch with a good low breath.